The EME Hub, funded by Dstl, was established in October 2022 and is led by Loughborough University.  The Hub’s academic consortium includes Queen’s University Belfast, Queen Mary University of London, University of Leeds, and University of Glasgow, all hosting Doctoral Researchers and Postdoctoral Research Associates.  It is a centre of excellence led by academics working in collaboration with industry partners to drive innovation in electromagnetic activities.

The focus is on generation-after-next capability for the wireless delivery of offensive and defensive effects – the ability to degrade, deny, destroy, deceive and disrupt – and assessing the impact of these effects. It will also concentrate on the synchronisation and coordination of wireless activities across deployed assets regardless of defence operating domains (air, space, land, sea, cyber and electromagnetic).

Furthermore, the Hub supports and enhances skills of the UK workforce in the defence and security sector through science and technology outreach and training.